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Nanjing Airport fire talks held oil Airport Hotel

Date: 2012-12-26

Autumn and winter, Droughts are high fire season. To effectively prevent fire accidents, fire hazards census Airport Hotel will work with winter fire remediation work combination, as well as to further enhance the hotel fire safety awareness of all employees to improve resist fire and the ability to respond to emergency incidents, November 30 afternoon, Nanjing Airport Hotel special fireproof home full-time education and training center trainers lesson to all employees of the fire safety knowledge thematic lesson.
       Lectures closely "concern fire, love life," the theme of "Fire in the heart, life on the line" as the cutoff point, explain, analyze various types of fire cases at home and abroad in recent years, the causes of the fire and after the fire should be how to deal with fire; how to organize evacuation and escape, self-help; how to conduct fire prevention; in the event of a fire and how to properly respond after the fire, etc., made a detailed description and explanation. And also let everyone know multifunction flashlight, respirator, home fire extinguishers and escape equipment and other household and learned the specific use of these tools, and also to teach the safe use of gas, electricity safety, home fire protection and other basic common sense, corrected you some fire safety knowledge of errors.
       The fire of knowledge through lectures, so that the cadres and workers of hotels have more knowledge of fire deeper understanding, recognizing the importance of fire safety and the necessity to further establish the "hidden better than fire, responsibility is extremely heavy" security sense of responsibility.