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Nanjing Airport oil companies to carry out three quarters of theme activities to learn to observe

Date: 2012-10-18

September 24 10:00 am, Nanjing Airport Hotel 2012 three quarters of branch demonstration activities kicked off in the second floor conference room. The event theme is "read" excellent staff work like this, "and service skills demonstrated." Company leaders, institutions, outfield, infield and other branch secretary and party work related personnel attended the event.
First, the hotel management to enhance the company was closely linked to the branch secretary requirements, from the perspective of management, to discuss the implementation of standard operating procedures for hotels and guesthouses to carry out the importance of the need for standardization of services.
      Subsequently, the branch organized some party members and staff conducted a "read" excellent staff work like this "Book" exchanges. Zhang Shuping, Zhou Li, Wu Lili other comrades of our work, from the concept of career, career strategy, career talk about other aspects of reading spiritual feelings, common sentiment: excellent staff good reason, because they establish a correct attitude in the workplace, maintaining a high work of passion, with a progressive spirit of the music industry, to work as their own careers. And that the future will be excellent employees the standards strict demands on themselves, to take the responsibility, their dedication, hard to do everything.
      Subsequently, the company leadership of his party in the hotel accompanied by the leadership, came on the third floor rooms department. Rooms clean room attendants were standardized presentation. 30 minutes, the windows open for ventilation, pick up garbage, removable linen, cleaning ware, electrical inspection, cleaning items with other procedures in the operation of skilled staff, in clear and simple body language self-examination, and as smooth a camel to fill the gap , smooth, so weekdays in the background of the room cleaning, also gives a delightful sense of pleasure.
Finally, the company leadership of his party to the first floor cafe to watch the color of coffee production process. Selection of coffee beans, field-grinding, topped with a layer of dense foam, matched with delicate designs, carefully modulated color coffee cup, filled with rich flavor, more like a feast for the eyes of art ......
Through the activities, the Airport Hotel is committed to building the brand standard and continue to earnestly carry out the standardization of intensive training, further reinforce the service infrastructure, build and perfect service quality assurance system, the progressive realization "of the standard made of personality, put personality into standard "approach, improve service quality, improve the core competitiveness of the hotel.