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"Little Pumpkin" beat poultry meat "Kitchen King" with an abalone taste vegan cooking

Date: 2013-07-29

From all 32 hotels in Nanjing more than 120 chefs gathered Jinling Convention Center, fight for the "Extreme Kitchen King" throne of the ingredients used are all usually common mushroom, poultry, shark fin and other luxury materials are prohibited. After a morning of the game, from the Purple Palace amusement vegan pretenders sea with the highest honor, and Jinling Riverside won the team prize.

Some innovative the judges dumbfounding

Yesterday, the first tourist hotel in Nanjing Jinling cooking contest at the Conference Centre, in addition to team competition, each hotel offers a slew dishes, there are aspects of the chef's culinary scene.

After a Yuhua gnocchi up, as if falling stone bowl, very pleasant, but the judges a taste of this Yuhua gnocchi, but found gnocchi been processed before the next soup boil once used fried too. Judges that the chef is to make sure this treatment gnocchi gnocchi with crispy feeling, but a little innovation too far, dumpling soup is boiled down, fried, then, somewhat superfluous.

"Little Pumpkin" beat poultry meat

Yesterday, for the presence of all the judges unanimously applauded the Chinese government from the hotel's "Little Pumpkin", which looks like a road shape pumpkin dessert called "Pumpkin Treasures." Golden yellow "pumpkin" was in fact made with carrots, carrot should make pumpkin-shaped, but it is the test that chef knife.

"Like pumpkin, but not pumpkin, which makes us very pleasantly surprised, then this dessert color, smell, taste, shape, is both." Several judges unanimously gave a score of 90 points or so. Although it is a little "pumpkin", but the limelight was the most strong, defeated poultry meat, get individual competition the first place. However, only the first individual competition can not get Extreme kitchen king award, the supreme king of need among the community kitchen prize list.

"Extreme Kitchen King" with an abalone taste vegan cooking

Afternoon 13:00,18 years old came into contact with food, and then worked for three years in Germany amusement Purple Palace Nanjing, Shanghai and other major hotels from top chefs, who are in the highly anticipated first "Kitchen King Competition "and" Extreme kitchen king. " Want to take "Extreme Kitchen King" is really not easy, first of all, he must be a person first; Second, he should be in a group where the top two in the hotel bar.

Participate in the competition, from the Purple Palace amusement sea do is vegan "Royal juice health pretenders" pretenders as Fujian dishes, selected through the ages are "fresh sea sink", all the rare ingredients, such as shark's fin, abalone, seafood, use ordinary vegetables, make a shark's fin, abalone, plump flavors, swim the sea is used morels, truffles, beheaded mushroom, Hericium, matsutake mushrooms and vegetables and materials, through the bean sprouts and pumpkin soup Velvet to hang flavor.

Swim the sea stood anxiously waiting for a team of chefs, looked very nervous, when the host mentioned that the "Supreme Kitchen King" name, swim the sea quite a surprise, "I never thought that I was surprised, very excited."

Live cooking dishes are mostly improved in Nanjing

Yesterday's booth, salted, charcoal roast duck, stewed raw knock Nanjing and other traditional dishes uncommon, but to the individual competition, when more than 40 channel live cooking dishes, or hard to find traces of authentic Nanjing cuisine, most dishes after improvements.

One of the judges of the Chinese culinary masters weeks seconds Lin Jieshao, "Nanjing itself at the junction of North and South, with inclusive features," Meanwhile, in order to meet the Asian Youth Council reform improved the game so many dishes, "such as improved according to Thai Durian chicken, shrimp with spices for seasoning abroad. "He believes that regional dishes inclusive of Nanjing.

Jiangsu Tourism Vocational and Technical College Culinary Research Director Lu New River that ingredients change also allows authentic dishes had to make changes in Nanjing.

Does that mean the more the more change of Nanjing dish did not look like the original? Nanjing Tourism College Dean Shao Menfond think a lot of Nanjing cuisine in constant times, many dishes are improved, better flavor. In this regard, the judges took Wison that chefs use in Nanjing Nanjing ingredients to create flavors of dishes suitable for people of Nanjing, "Of course not too spicy Ma", can be called Nanjing cuisine.