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Nanjing can be opened, "the Yangtze River Night"

Date: 2013-07-28

Asian Youth upcoming Nanjing face of the upcoming influx of athletes and visitors, how to seize the opportunity? Yesterday morning, the Nanjing Tourism Committee invites China Travel Service Association vice president Zhang Xiongjie, guest Nanjing, "public school", to Nanjing tourism "pulse." Zhang Xiongjie pointed out some shortcomings in Nanjing tourism, such as lack of large-scale performances, but also made a lot of suggestions.

"Did not like Zhang Yimou's" Impression "This large-scale performances, Nanjing is a short board." Zhang Xiongjie that the rich cultural history of Nanjing, "true mountain water" a lot, but did not have good use of them. "historical and cultural themes performances, relying on ancient landscapes, allowing visitors a better understanding of the city. "he said the young Asian Youth event, light cultural heritage is not enough, you can also organize more experiential activities , young people willing to participate.

Zhang Xiongjie that can be as Nanjing Huangpu River, the Pearl River, as the opening night cruise, "Yangtze River night," a panoramic view of both sides of Riverside, also allows visitors to linger.

"Tourism in Nanjing are" three constantly read ": Mausoleum, the Presidential Palace, the Confucius Temple." Zhang Xiongjie noted that in practice Nanjing tourism resources are very rich, you can help Asian Youth, Youth Olympic opportunity, "offering" a more many "tourist feast."