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Nanjing citizens can participate in urban management and oversight phone

Date: 2013-05-14

South reported Reuters (reporter Zhao Zihui correspondent Ge Kai dry intern Wang Quanxiang) found that urban management problems, using a mobile phone to take a picture uploaded to the management platform, will soon receive feedback, also attach the problem has been resolved scene pictures. Recently, Jianye District in the city's first public version of the social management service integrated platform, the public can participate in urban management at any time through the mobile phone, this emphasis on interactive, easy to supervise the management of refreshing.

Login "China Nanjing Jianye" the government website, click on a green floating window, you can use Android phones to download and install "social management platform Jianye public version." Into this platform, which includes urban management, emergency response, powers the sun, video surveillance, and other sub-platform. Reporters randomly clicking into the "wisdom of Metro integrated platform" section, found that there are a Jianye global electronic maps, plans will be various streets, the community is divided into several grid.

Click into the "sandbar street pieces", select Midtown communities, one at 11:11 on July 17 to upload pictures show, Xin'an Street sidewalk in front of a shop stacked debris. In the afternoon 17:19, managers have been disposing of feedback through the system, along with the same location after emptying debris site map. 17:21, the system displays this case had been filed.

Another one from the information in the community wins, it is the day of 14:54 uploaded by the grid administrator, reflecting a Bailongjiang Street Teahouse Jeeves. 15:10, administrators feedback, Jeeves has been removed, the case disposition is completed.

Jianye District officials told reporters that this year, for social management innovation pilot area, the District Civil Affairs Bureau, Shejian Committee, Comprehensive Management Office and other departments to integrate social Authority for the district and try the related management functions into This management platform. Whether ordinary citizens or city managers in the area found the problem Jianye, can reflect, and supervision and management results.

It is understood that the management platform to do pieces of the process can be divided into top-down (ie, through the "12345" hotline transferred or public use mobile platform to send over the case), and from the bottom (ie, grid administrators discover and reported cases) in two forms. According to case type, the request must be within 5 days of feedback. Currently, the platform is still during the test run, the future, people just use the phone to download and install this software, you can always be found in the various problems of urban management feedback to the platform, and truly become participants in urban management and supervisors.