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Old maps sketch to depict the ancient nanjing

Date: 2014-11-10

The newly published "old" old maps, nanjing collected 209 map of nanjing in different periods, the time span from wu yue chu to the period of the republic of China, more than 2000 years.
The book is the oldest national administrative zoning map "nine domain ShouLing figure";Has built the JingDing Kang Zhi "map" to are Jin Lingxin volunteers in nanjing, nanjing is the oldest map;Have a map of the oldest ancient Hiram's hospital "figure of reconstruction of Hiram's hospital", "rebuild jiangnan Hiram's hospital s world map is also extremely rare.Included in the book of various maps, try to keep the original even if some map itself has some mistakes, don't do change fixed on the surface of the figure.As noted in the original title of description, and indicate the source, highly informative.To make the surface clear and easy to read, for a small number of map made proper stitching and retouching, etc.In inset sections in the book also provides the original big "jinling town figure" detail of nanjing street, let the reader can more detailed, more intuitive to appreciate these two map.

Since the ancient maps in theoretical system, said technique, drawing idea, etc with a greater difference between the modern map, combined with the geographic elements of name change, position migration, establishing and waste, etc., and many of their performance of today's readers are strange, so the book more words gave them a description and interpretation, metasomatism map source, author, map time, themes, techniques and characteristics, value and map the historical background and the background information of urban development, to a certain extent, reduce the reading obstacles.Language accurate, honest, clear concept, word, prose to the vitality of the text, interesting, at the right place with a small amount of description, lyrical, right amount quoted some poems, slang, etc., as a way of showing Chinese charm, add reading interest.